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Advisory Committee

Support the tour with a contribution of $1,000 and join the advisory committee that will oversee the tour's success. You'll receive a signed copy of the hardcover edition, as well as invitations to Town Halls and VIP events in cities across the country.

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City Champion

With a contribution of $2,500, you can guarantee that we host a Town Hall in any city you choose! Get people in your city to donate a combined total of $2,500 and we'll do the same.


Bold Benefactor

Are you tired of politics as usual? Ready to invest in long-term change? Pledge your generous support of $5,000 to make the Town Hall tour possible. You'll receive exclusive updates on our progress and plans, as well as a signed copy of the hardcover edition and invitations to VIP events in a city near you.  

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Tour Brand Sponsor

Sponsor the tour to take your cause to the masses! With a contribution of $10,000, your brand will be featured at every Town Hall event across America. Contact us for more information about the benefits of sponsorship.

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Corporate Publication Sponsor

Want your team to be more purposeful? With a contribution of $10,000, we'll send your company 100 books and stop by your HQ campus for a book signing and lunch and learn discussion.