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Get inspired to lead social change when you read Purpose Power: How Mission-Driven Leaders Engage for Change.


The Purpose Power Town Hall Tour

Progress is built on trust. To trust one another, we have to understand each other. And understanding starts with dialogue.

Get inspired to imagine new possibilities for yourself, for your community, and for our democracy at one of our Purpose Power Town Halls.

Join us in Hartford, CT on May 11!

Purpose Power Hours

Purpose Power helps us connect to our core beliefs in order to spark the change we want to see in the world.

We’ll be announcing the new dates for our Purpose Power Hour — a live Zoom call to connect with others who share your passion and purpose. This is the place to connect with allies across the country.

Technology forces us into silos and vacuums.

On Facebook and Twitter, we spend most of our time interacting with people we already know. To build the future we all want for ourselves, our companies and our country — wherever you see the need for change — we have to start talking to people with different experiences.

Let's meet. Let’s talk. Let’s find our shared values and plant the seeds of the future.


Purpose Power

How Mission-Driven
Leaders Engage for Change



Alicia Bonner Ness
Community Organizer & Author of Purpose Power

After more than a decade in the social sector redefining brands, producing world-class events, and raising millions of dollars, I left this career in 2016 to try to help elect the first female president of the United States. On the campaign, I saw just how our failure to communicate is at the heart of our political dysfunction. My new book, Purpose Power, builds on my personal and professional experience, plus extensive research, to offer a framework from which to rebuild trust, invite dialogue and catalyze progress.

Listen to the first chapter here.

Whether you’re itching to start a movement, in the midst of building a mission-driven brand, or rebranding an organization with a storied history, Purpose Power, will help you become a champion of higher purpose by giving you the tools to lead change exactly where you are. In a world where some of the mightiest can’t help but wonder if bending the arc of history towards justice is really worth the effort, this book offers a much-needed message of hope: We can learn as much from our failures as from our successes, and really, it’s only fun if you’re not sure it’s going to work.